• 2016 CoTY Award Submission

  • 2016 CAPITAL CotY

    Welcome to the Capital CotY online program. To follow are some “ins and outs” and key points of note to ensure your submission is received accurately and judged.

    NARI Metro DC continues to host one if the largest Chapter CotY program in the country and each year our judges evaluate over 100 projects…we are thrilled that you are contemplating participation this year.

    Once again we have teamed up with NARI National and their easy to use on-line submission program. We believe that this makes it easier for the contestants to show off their work!

    For our newer members, this program is inclusive so we encourage you to participate. Winning a CotY has benefits and should one of your projects win; we strongly encourage you to use the winner’s logo on your business cards, web site and marketing material. Last year we had several new members win multiple awards– further proof that this is not a program solely for veteran NARI members.

    So let’s get started shall we?

    This is a new addition to the last Capital CotY “white paper” which you may have seen. The link below will take you to a “How To” video produced by the software developer. Between this “white paper” and the video you should be able to easily navigate the online Capital CotY program.


  • How to Enter

    Go to the web site link: http://bit.ly/2016NARIMetroDCCotY or


    Follow this link to get to page 1 of the program. You should see information about the Metro DC CotY Program as well as the National CotY program.

    Click here to download the 2016 Capital CotY How To Guide

    Thank you for considering submitting a Capital CotY award! GOOD LUCK!
    We will see you in February at the awards ceremony.


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