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    Lead Paint Rule (RRP)

    The Federal Government’s Renovation Repair and Painting rule (RRP) is now in effect, and it has important implications for remodelers.

    NEWS: The EPA has put out some last minute changes to the rule. After you’ve read this page, click here to see a summary of the changes from David Merrick, MCR, UDCR, Chair of both the local and National Government Affairs Committees.

    If you plan on doing renovations in pre-1978 housing (where you might disturb paint), you need to do two things:

    1. Get your firm certified. Before you do anything else, you need to get certified by the EPA as a “lead-safe” contractor. The process is fairly simple – mostly filling out their application form and paying a fee. All the details are on the EPA’s website. The EPA will list on its site all certified firms, and we also put a “lead-safe” icon next to all certified firms in the NARI Metro DC online directory. Note: the EPA can take a long time to update their web page, so we are letting consumers know that our web site indicates clearly which of our members have been certified. If your firm has been certified (but you don¹t have the “lead safe” icon on your profile), let us know and we’ll update it.

    2. Get your people trained. In addition to getting your firm certified, you also have to train some of your employees. Any job site covered under the rule must have an individual on it who has been trained in proper techniques. The training program is a full day, and will include a certificate from the EPA.

    Where Do I Get the Training?

    The EPA has certified a number of companies to perform the training (currently up to 72 companies nationwide). They publish (and update) the complete list on their website. Several are in this area and offer trainings open to the public at their facilities. Some others will bring a training to your location. Even better, the following training providers have offered discounts to NARI Metro DC members!

    Full-day Initial and Half-Day Refresher courses open to the public at their location in Baltimore. The full-day course is $180, and they are offering a 5% discount to NARI members (requires a discount code from Connor). Connor is also partnering with Andersen Windows to offer training for NARI members.  Download the overview.

    Leadtec Services
    Leadtec Services offers the full-day course at their location in Baltimore for $150, but drops it to $125 for NARI members.

    Leadtec will also do a training at YOUR location. If you would like to work directly with Leadtec to schedule and host a NARI training, we will promote it on this page.

    The Training Network, Inc.
    The Training Network does not have a dedicated location, but is willing to bring trainers to your location if you want to host a training for NARI members. Contact them directly and when the training is scheduled we will promote it here.

    Lead Safe Training Center
    The Lead Safe Training Center is a project of the National Center for Healthy Housing, and they are offering RRP training programs in the DC area, including a discount for NARI members. Click their name above to see the web page, or call 888-705-3233 (don’t forget to mention the NARI discount!).

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