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  • What is a Certified Remodeler

    What is a Certified Remodeler?

    Certified remodelers know their trade. They know their business inside and out. They know the facts behind the latest claims about “green” remodeling. They know the building codes and how to apply them.

    How can we be confident they know all that? Because we tested them.

    NARI has put together a certification program that allows individuals in the industry to prove to us (and the world) that they know their stuff. They typically study for several months and then have to pass a three- or four-hour exam covering a lot of material. So when you are hiring a contractor, ask them if their people have industry certifications.

    NARI offers certification in a number of different areas:

    • Certified Remodeler (CR). This is our most basic certification, and candidates are tested on areas like business operations, sales, finance, project management, building codes, construction specs, tools, and a variety of carpentry techniques. The CR knows the basics and knows them well.

    • Master Certified Remodeler (MCR). You won’t see too many of these, but if you do, pay careful attention. This designation is given only to individuals who hold at least two certifications from NARI, and have held the CR for at least ten consecutive years. They also must demonstrate significant leadership in the industry. These are the leaders of our industry.

    • Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC). Lead Carpenters need to know more than just the trade basics. They are the ones responsible for customer contact and communication, supervision of subcontractors and employees, managing the job site, scheduling, and ensuring safety, so their exam covers all those issues in addition to a broad array of trade skills.

    • Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler (CKBR). The CKBR covers some of the basics of remodeling, but obviously focuses on needs specific to work on kitchens and bathrooms, including cabinet installation and specifics of plumbing and mechanical and electrical systems.

    • Green Certified Professional (GCP). Green building practices are not a fad, so many of our members are obtaining the GCP. The exam for this certification covers building science and the energy-related aspects to some of the basics of remodeling like framing, roofing, and systems. It also covers renewable energy technology and green landscaping.

    • Universal Design Certified Remodeler (UDCR). Universal Design means creating living spaces that are accessible to both able-bodied people and the disabled at the same time. This specialty has become more important these days as people choose to age in place, rather than moving to eldercare facilities. The UDCR certification exam covers principles of universal design, legal issues around the Americans with Disabilities Act, client needs assessment, and specifics of electrical, construction, and plumbing issues as related to universal design.

    We are proud that the Metro DC Chapter of NARI has more individuals with NARI certifications than any other chapter in the country.

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