• American Jobs for America’s Heroes
    A job search opportunity for NARI Metro DC members

    Each week I am asked by some of the great members of NARI Metro DC how other members are finding quality employees of various skill levels. Unfortunately, I seldom have a great answer.

    Our members tend to fall back on word of mouth, a job posting board where who knows what will apply and consume your time chasing an unqualified individual or often with better success, a placement service like Tradesman International who is a NARI member. But I would like for you to take a look at this program: American Jobs for American Heroes!

    This veterans program is designed to match your needs to a soldier at the end of his/her enlistment. There is no cost to you and there often is a tax break for your firm.

    When you post a job (for free) it goes to all Army National Guard facilities that work with soldiers in transition and the other branches of the military pick this up as well. The in-house placement counselors work with the veteran to help match your needs with their soldier’s desires and training.

    So what do they bring to the table…on time, team oriented, goal oriented, trained to follow instructions and reliable. Furthermore, often the veteran will have some exposure or interest in our field and at minimum be open to training and education.

    Maybe something you need?

    What do they expect? A future, an upward course that can include goals to professional and financial enhancements, certification and perhaps someday ownership. A veteran understands that they do this and that and they move up, they absorb education and excel and they can earn more… they get this.

    Now, I have waded through this program and at first it takes some patience however once in the system you don’t have to go through the basics twice. I would recommend that all members be it a remodeler or an Associate… if you seek in home tool belt workers or a truck driver, forklift operator, sales leader… then take a look at the attached information.

    There is never going to be one simple answer to our employee gap but this will surely be one more piece.

    Who doesn’t want to help a veteran?

    The head of the program, Steve Nowlan, is willing to speak directly to you if you so desire. You can reach Steve at snowlan@centerforamerica.org or 201-513-0379.

    If I can help you may of course reach me as well. Joe Normandy at narimetrodc.normandy@gmail.com or 703-400-1858.

    Joseph Normandy
    Executive Director
    NARI Metro DC Chapter

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