• What is NARI Certification?


    NARI Certifications were developed to recognize highly experienced remodeling professionals, capable of planning and managing complex remodeling projects to client satisfaction.

    Certified professionals represent an elite group of industry experts who possess an extensive technical and management skill set that sets them apart as capable remodeling professionals.


    NARI Certification Standards and exam questions were developed by leading remodeling experts, well versed in technical and management best practices for the remodeling industry.

    NARI Certification is governed by the NARI Certification Board.

    Benefits of Certification

    80% of consumers would choose a remodeling 
    professional who is certified over one who is not

    NARI Certification is a worthy investment in your career. Aren’t you worth it?

    • Validate your professionalism, expertise and dedication to client satisfaction 
    • Advance your business skill set for increased company profitability, project timeliness, and streamline of project/business operations
    • Develop your professional skill set and set your career in remodeling up for success
    • Position yourself or your staff as an indispensable resource to your clients with complex project needs
    • Increase your visibility in a crowded marketplace.

    Certification Types

    MCR (Master Certified Remodeler

    The highest level of certification NARI offers. Designed for professionals who have held the CR designation for a minimum of 10 years, hold another NARI certification and have demonstrated leadership within NARI or within local community. 

    CR (Certified Remodeler)

    Designed for highly experienced industry professionals who provide a full range of remodeling services. Often pursued by owners or upper management of a remodeling organization. 

    CKBR (Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler)

    Designed for highly experienced industry professionals who provide remodeling services specific to kitchens and bathrooms. Often pursued by owners or upper management of a remodeling organization. 

    CLC (Certified Lead Carpenter)

    Designed for experienced field professionals who oversee the technical aspects of the project, including personnel management and material flow.

    CRPM (Certified Remodeling Project Manager)

    Designed for professionals overseeing the administrative aspects of a project: customer satisfaction, scheduling subcontractors, record-keeping, risk management, financial controls, etc. 

    UDCP (Universal Design Certified Professional)

    Designed for professionals who handle renovations for improved accessibility and ease of use.

    Certification Process
    NARI Certification is a robust and challenging process, reserved only for those remodeling professionals who demonstrate extensive expertise in their field and pass the rigorous screening and testing process.
    • Candidates must demonstrate technical skill, business and project management expertise, and tenure in the industry based on their selected certification’s specific and detailed requirements.
    • Candidates are required to prove participation in education courses, meeting the minimum Continual Education Units (CEU), as specified by each specific certification
    • All candidate applications are subjected to comprehensive review by the NARI Certification Board to assure all program pre-requisites are met and the candidate is eligible for certification.
    • Eligible candidates could chose to attend certification study groups hosted by their local chapter, attend the rigorous, multi-week preparatory courses provided by NARI, or self-study.
    • All eligible certification candidates must undergo and pass a rigorous examination, overseen by an examination proctor adhering to strict integrity criteria.

    NARI certified remodeling professionals must meet annual recertification requirements involving continuing education and participation in industry programs.

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