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    Grow Nari
    When NARI grows, we all reap the benefits. The more members we have, the more impressive the NARI logo will be to consumers who are considering remodeling, and the more opportunities you will get for referrals for new business from your colleagues, and the more seriously our industry will be taken when NARI National talks to policy makers.

    And the best way to get new members is when someone they trust recommends them.

    So please download our Member Referral form. It’s a PDF and you can fill it out on your computer with the names and contact information of either remodeler or business partner companies that you think would benefit from NARI membership. All you need to do his hit the “submit” button on the form, and it will be emailed to our office. We will then contact those companies with information about NARI, mentioning that you recommended them for membership.

    It only takes a few minutes, but it can help build our association and our ability to help all NARI members grow and prosper.

    Volunteer. You won’t regret it.

    As industry leaders, NARI members are committed to giving back to the community. Many members have established relationships with their favorite charities and give their time, money or in-kind donations. If you don’t currently enjoy a relationship with a charitable organization, please consider introducing your organization to one of NARI Metro DC’s (NARI) favorites groups:

    • Habitat For Humanity of Montgomery County Restore
    • Rebuilding Together — Montgomery County
    • Sustainable Community Initiatives/Community Forklift

    Member Projects

    • Wounded Warrior Project
      Reico was asked to participate with Masco in the construction of two Wounded Warrior houses at Fort Belvoir.Since the closing of Walter Reed Hospital, Ft Belvoir has become the facility for caring for the Army’s Wounded Warriors. Clark Builders is constructing two showcase homes for this Wounded Warrior project. Masco saw the opportunity to become involved in the worthy cause and have agreed to supply the project with Merillat Cabinetry and DeNova tops.


      Due to the proximity of the job and our experience with turn-key production Reico was asked to facilitate and manage the installation. This also gives Reico the opportunity to work closely with Clark Builders on a truly innovative project. The houses will be equipped with every necessity available for a Wounded or recovering soldier and their families.

      Specifically Merillat has designed the kitchens with every accessory to allow for complete and easy function. They have also incorporated many two piece cabinets to allow for full access as well as designing in a “lift system” that will allow both the sinks and the cooktops to be lowered to ADA accessible heights if necessary and then raised back to regular height. This will give great flexibility to all living in the home.

      This project has been a great learning experience for Reico as well as an opportunity to show off our skills in managing a challenging product. The homes will be unveiled in a ceremony in November and if well accepted could lead to the construction of an additional 19 to 25 houses.

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